It has certainly been a hard winter and even as we continue into the month of May, weather is being unpredictable.  While most don’t pay attention to the differences each month brings, there are tips to each month to ensure a health garden or planting in and around your home.  Here are six tips for the month of May to ensure success!

1. Late Frosts Arent Uncommon

Even in May, you still need to watch the weather and make sure there isn’t dramatic weather changes such as a dip in temperature through the night.  To be safe, make sure to always protect your plants for any possible frost.

2. Watch Out For Bird Nests

The hummingbirds are finally here and we have spotted various birds out and about!  Make sure that our feather friends are not making a home in your bushes! Before you start your trimming, give a close look to places where they may have started a new home.

3. Get Creative With Rainwater Collection

While our rainfall has been sufficient thus far, it never hurts to be creative with future rainwater collection…you never know when you may need it for your garden! Whether its through rain barrels or some other form, this idea is something you’ll want to start thinking about soon!

4. Hoe Off Weeds Often

The weeds are going to grow and grow and grow! Do not get overwhelmed by waiting to deal with them and do not let them further interfere with the health and wellness of the rest of your garden.  Tackle them on a consistent basis.

5. Consider Deer-leerrious Plants

If you are like us, you are constantly trying to find ways to keep those beautiful deer out of your gardens! Come to Millane Nurseries for a great selection of Deer-leerious plants that will have the deer turning up their noses and moving on to someone else’s garden!

Our garden center is open for the season and our expert staff are ready to help you with any questions or concerns! Head to Millane Nurseries in Cromwell for your tree and plant selections as well as tips and advice for a successful gardening season.