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Millane Nurseries, Inc, located in the center of CT, is a large wholesale grower of nursery trees and shrubs, and is situated specifically in Middlesex County. Emerald Ash Borer (a.k.a. EAB) is an exotic insect from China, that is rapidly killing many Ash trees (family Fraxinus) in nineteen states and Canada.  It was previously discovered in New Haven, Litchfield, Fairfield and Hartford Counties; and most recently it was found in Middlesex County too.

Due to the serious threat of Emerald Ash Borer, Millane Nurseries has worked closely with the CT Agricultural Experiment Station in monitoring all the Ash trees grown on our farm.  In August 2013, Millane completed the removal of all our Fraxinus (Ash) tree inventory, and treated the stumps to ensure Emerald Ash Borer will not find a future host in our fields.

Even though the elimination of the Ash trees was an economic loss for MIllane Nurseries, it was a conscientious and logical response to this escalating insect infestation in Connecticut.

Millane Nurseries has been growing quality landscape trees in Middlesex County for over 90 years; and continually strives to be a highly respected and dependable grower of nursery stock in New England.


Regards, Michael Millane


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