Millane Nurseries, Inc. is proud to be a select importer of these high quality Japanese pruning tools.  We offer a wide selection and are available at our Cromwell address or can be shipped for an additional fee.

Unique locking/unlocking feature allows you to open and close with just one hand.

Superior blade angle for smooth, clean cuts which prevent crushing of stems.

Special tempering process creates a hard, tough, non-brittle edge; which means a sharper blade that keeps its edge longer; reducing valuable time spent of sharpening!

These Hedge Shears deliver smooth, precise cuts regardless of the foliage.

The tempered blades allow for the sharpness that does not chew, crush or slip – even on Juniper and other resinous plants prone to “chewed” cuts. 

“These professional tools are durable, very sharp, and retain their edge extremely well.”