Believe it or not, there are significant changes each month that are important to keep aware of for your home and garden.  Here at Millane Nurseries, we have come up with tips and guides that are extremely helpful for even the most seasoned gardeners!  So here are some checklist items to be aware of during the month of JUne as you continue on with your gardening season!

  1. Move houseplants outdoors on a cloudy day.
  2. Water lawns and gardens during the morning hours.
  3. When mowing the lawn, don’t remove more than one-third of the leaf blade at a time.
  4. Check trees, shrubs & evergreens for spider mites and scale. If you apply pesticides, do so when bees are not active.
  5. Set out Japanese Beetle traps.
  6. Keep your gardens weeded. Weeds steal moisture, nutrients, space and light from your plants.
  7. Don’t leave any water retaining receptacles around the yard.  They make ideal breeding places for mosquitoes.

For these tips and more for the month of June, click here.

For more information like this, make sure to head to the Millane Nurseries Tips & Guides page on our website.